• From melb on Nail Dryer UV LED Lamp

    I like doing my own nails, so prefer to do it at home with my own equipment. So impressed with this UV nail lamp. It´s cheap, high quality and dries nails fast. It´s way better than my old one.
  • From diana on Facial Cleaning Brush

    My blackheads have been troubling me for years. Finally I found a way to stop them … with this baby. It´s a miracle worker, seriously. Just pump on some cleanser, zap it up, and let it works its magic on your face. Believe me, you will notice a difference after just a few uses. My blackheads have almost vanished. Cant believe it!

  • From shara on Beauty Blender Set

    Love the blenders, hate the slow delivery. It took 3 days to receive them!

  • From jacob on Cosrx Acne Pimple Patch (24)

    I can see why people rant and rave about these pimple patches. The are awesome. Only problem is, you dont get many for your money. I´m gonna need to buy some more soon.

  • From yasmin on Cosrx Acne Pimple Patch (24)

    These patches work great for reducing redness in pimples. They are really useful if one pops up out of the blue and you want to get rid of it fast. I´ve tried the toothpaste method before and I know that works pretty good, but these patches work far better. Recommended. Would buy again.

  • From angel on 24k Gold Makeup Primer

    Lovely stuff. It feels great under makeup and makes it look really dewy.

  • From lena on LED Photon Light Therapy Lamp

    Highly recommended! Great for skin!

  • From vera on Cosrx Acne Pimple Patch (24)

    I bought these acne patches cos I saw them on a bestseller list and read a lot of good reviews about them. Well, they really are as good as people say they are. In spite of the low price, these little stickers do the trick. Just stick one on your pimple, leave on overnight, and the next morning I swear your pimple will have disappeared. There might still be signs of it there, but the big ugly lump will have gone. These patches are awesome!

  • From christine-l on Vanity Mirror LED Rotating Touch Screen 

    Very pleased with this product and the overall service of this company. Will be using again.

  • From candice on Vanity Mirror LED Rotating Touch Screen 

    As much as I adore this mirror and how great it is for applying makeup, its pretty space consuming. It was lucky I had a large vanity otherwise it would not have fitted. On the other hand, it´s a beautiful mirror that offers great lightening and makes it much easier to put on makeup, pluck eyebrows etc.

  • From miriam on LED Facial Mask

    There are so many beauty masks to choose from out there but if I were to recommend one, I would certainly advise you to use this one. It´s a little costly, but the results are worth it. It isn´t long before you see your skin change after using this mask regularly. I try to use it every day or whenever I have time. When I look at my skin, I see the lines smoothed out and my skin is generally brighter and perkier.

  • From lucille on Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette

    If you love makeup just as much as I do, then you will be very happy with this cool magnetic palette.

  • From angelina on Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette

    I bought this for a friend two weeks ago and she loved it. I ended up buying one for myself a few days ago just because she wouldn´t stop going on about it so I knew I had to have one too.

  • From mariab on Nail Dryer UV LED Lamp USB

    Not bad at all. Wasn´t so thrilled with the delivery time, but to be fair the nail lamp was good enough.

  • From anniet on Facial Electric SPA Face Mask

    Using this mask is a pleasure. Not only does it feel great on the skin, it is really relaxing to use and since using it my skin has improved drastically. I love it so much. 5 stars without a doubt….

  • From beatrice on Teeth Whitening 3 in 1 Sonic Odontoli

    Not gonna lie, this thing gets your teeth white. Its money well spent.

  • From emily on LED Photon Light Therapy Lamp

    The only 1 negative point I would make about this LED face photo therapy is the price tag. There´s no going about it, not many people would be happy to pay that much, some probably don´t even have that kind of cash. But I do recommend it highly because it´s amazing technology that is simply magical for your skin. I saw it from the first use. My wrinkles are going away as is a scar and ive only used it a dozen times.

  • From veronica on Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette

    One thing I love about this makeup palette is how unique it is. I´ve never found anything like this in the drugstore. I think its a great idea how I can choose which eyeshadow I want in this box so its totally to my taste. Its a lot of fun customizing it. The thing I don´t love so much is the price. I know its something special but i would have loved for it to be cheaper. Then again, i guess you get what you pay for, right? Overall, a great product I recommend and would buy again.

  • From eva-L on Peel Off Collagen Mask

    Its such a pretty mask that is so enjoyable to use. I only have to leave it on for 15 minutes until it is dry and wash it off. Then my face feels really refreshed and clean. I actually look forward to using it every morning.

  • From fey on Peel Off Collagen Mask

    Beautiful mask that makes skin feels super tight and cleansed after use. Recommended!

  • From caseyp on Nail Dryer UV LED Lamp USB

    Very happy with this UV lamp. The one I had before was way too big and took up too much space, which is why I wanted to buy one that was smaller and easier to store. I´m also pleased with the price because I think I would have a hard job finding one at a better price for the quality I´m getting from this one. It dries nails fast, is easy to use, and does what it says on the package.

  • From sharnie on Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette

    You can build your own eyeshadow palette with this magentic kit. Its the coolest thing I´ve ever used. Its so useful and convenient because you can just customize it so its exactly how you want it to be and its so much fun to use too. I LOVE it!

  • From shelly on 24k Gold Makeup Primer

    Awesome primer that feels great on the skin and looks beautiful under makeup. It feels really high quality and I could not be happier with my purchase. So worth the money!

  • From tanya on Facial Electric SPA Face Mask

    This mask gives the most unusual but pleasurable feeling I´ve ever had from a mask. The vibration sensations on the skin is really unique but it feels awesome. Really, my skin feels great after every use. It feels really enlivened and rejuvenated. It feels like it gets my blood moving and I look super healthy after using it. Its like a face massage at the spa but in my own home. The only disadvantage is the price. But it is worth every cent!

  • From joann on LED Photon Light Therapy Lamp

    Up to now, I´ve used this photon light therapy around 10 times and my acne is disappearing fast. Never before have I seen such difference in my acne until now. Well recommended!!!

  • From belle on Beauty Blender Set

    You get full coverage when you use these makeup blenders. I don´t wear foundation often but when I do I normally use my fingers, then a friend suggested using these little sponges and I had no idea what they were. Well anyway, it was the best makeup advice I got because these babies work great. I love how my makeup looks after using this.

  • From dara on 24k Gold Makeup Primer

    Beautiful base for makeup, feels great and the texture is nice. Just more expensive than I wanted.

  • From ellie on Beauty Blender Set

    These beautyblenders are way better than applying makeup with a brush. Every girl should have one in her cosmetics bag. It looks so much more natural. I use it to apply foundation and concealer and occasionally highlighter and blush. Always looks lovely!

  • From kam on Beauty Blender Set

    This was the first time I used a beauty blender. Because these were so cheap I ordered them to give them a try and was amazed at how such a cheap little thing could be so effective for applying makeup. The blenders are beautiful quality and work wonderfully. I love the effect I get when I apply makeup with it.

  • From roberta on Nail Dryer UV LED Lamp

    Great quality, great value for money. It´s a great UV lamp that works great and dries nails fast. Very happy.

  • From june on Makeup Gift Kit

    I´m loving the pretty colors of the makeup in this kit. Very sexy and sultry. Absolutely Beautiful!!!

  • From violet on Facial Cleaning Brush

    My face feels amazingly smooth and soft every time I use this brush. I imagined it would feel hard on my face because I have sensitive skin, but I was surprised that it feels pretty soft but at the same time powerful enough to do the job. I give it 5 stars because it is the best facial cleansing tool out there!

  • From josie on Vanity Mirror LED Rotating Touch Screen 

    It´s the mirror every woman needs on her vanity table. It´s super useful and functional because it serves as both a table lamp and as the ideal makeup mirror. The features are so cool on it. The touch screen LED lighting is awesome and allows me to choose exactly the right lighting when I apply my makeup. It´s the most convenient thing to own and I love it.

  • From Lois on Vanity Mirror LED Rotating Touch Screen 

    As much as this mirror is great in the way u can apply ur makeup nicely and neatly thanks to the wonderful lighting, it was too big for my liking.

  • From Consuelo on Teeth Whitening 3 in 1 Sonic Odontoli

    Getting the teeth squeaky clean isn´t always possible with an ordinary toothbrush but with this sonic tooth cleaner, my teeth feel cleaner than ever. I really feel like the plaque and gunk has gone after using this. Plus, its really fun to use.

  • From silvia.s on EMS Body Slimming Massager

    Don´t expect miracles from this machine. It works eventually but it takes a while.

  • From cheryl on Vanity Mirror LED Rotating Touch Screen 

    Amazing mirror! This LED mirror is incredible for grooming, applying makeup and generally just pampering yourself. I was so excited when it arrived and I am loving using it!

  • From sheena on Makeup Gift Kit

    Although i liked the lipstick, mascara and highlighter i wasnt too keen on the other makeup products. Thats why im giving it 3 stars. But worth buying the set for the quality of the three items. They are awesome!

  • From krystal on Vanity Mirror LED Rotating Touch Screen 

    I bought this recently to replace my ordinary vanity mirror and am so impressed with it. The only downside is that it´s quite big. That´s not the biggest deal, but it takes up a bit of space. On the other hand, you can see your makeup much more easily in this mirror and with the cool LED lighting effects, i can set the brightness level perfectly in order to get a totally beautiful and natural makeup application.

  • From angie on LED Facial Mask

    Adore this mask. Just a shame its so costly. It is worth it to be fair but not everyone can afford it. The results are great tho. My skin is clearing up a lot since using this led mask.

  • From suzanne on Vanity Mirror LED Rotating Touch Screen 

    Using this mirror is so much fun and great for plucking brows. If you ever have the problem of doing ur brows then walking out the door for someone to tell you they´re uneven, you will benefit so much from this LED mirror. The lighting is too good to make mistakes.

  • From erica on Vanity Mirror LED Rotating Touch Screen 

    I am obsessed with this LED mirror. I´d wanted want for ages and finally, just a couple of days ago, it arrived. Using it is so much fun and totally easy. It´s great for applying makeup because the lighting is so good. I don´t have to worry about dodgy makeup lines or anything like that. Thanks to the LED touch screen sensor i can make it as bright or as dull as i like. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!

  • From nola on Dental Care Bamboo Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

    Well worth the money. Would definitely buy again.

  • From elena on Facial Cleaning Brush

    Affordable brush that cleans the face deeply and deals with blackheads.

  • From maria on LED Facial Mask

    My friends keep telling me how well I look and what I´m using on my skin. I just tell them I use this LED mask cos thats the truth and its being working wonders on my skin. I now have less redness and this awesome glow. My skin also feels super soft. I switch between a few of the different color functions and they all seem to work pretty well. Overall, I recommend it so much.

  • From jessie on LED Facial Mask

    This LED light comes with several different colors and what´s most interesting is that they all do different things. For instance, the blue is good for acne and the red is good for wrinkles. It´s so cool to work with and super fun. My skin looks terrific now that I use this LED mask almost every day. All it takes is 10-20 mins each day and you can really see and feel a difference.

  • From jody on Makeup Brush Set

    Your makeup just slides on with these brushes. There´s an excellent variation here so you can apply all different kinds of makeup from eyeshadow to eyeliner, just a shame there´s not a highlighter brush in here.

  • From hilda on Makeup Brush Set

    Every girl needs one of these makeup kits. Great deal! Great brushes! Great for making makeup slide on like a charm.

  • From karen.p on Makeup Gift Kit

    Believe it or not, the supplies in this makeup kit are comparable to the big makeup brands and when u look at the price, I´m so thrilled that it´s awesome stuff.

  • From jennifer on Natural Teeth Whitening Powder

    Although it takes more than a week to start seeing stains go, I consider this powder a bargain! I adore it!!!